Residence access

LES MAYENS-DE-SION – How to access to Les Chanterelles chalet?

Almost the holidays? Discover how to enter and find Les Chanterelle chalet at Les Mayens-de-Sion.

  1. Go to Mayens-des-Plans

    Here you can parc your car. You can park your other cars in the public parking places

  2. Follow the street until the electric tower

    The tower is a few meters from the car park. When you are facing the parking lot, look to the left and continue straight

  3. Go down the stairs

    To the left of the electric tower

  4. Further down you will find the chalet Les Chanterelles on your right

  5. Enter to the chalet

    With the code received by email.

  6. Good to know

    All orders (sheets, towels, others) will be in the chalet upon your arrival.

  7. Well done!

  8. When you leave, the check-out is before 10 am

    See you soon

We wish you a wonderful holiday!