It is almost holidays? Discover how to collect your keys and find the La Grive residence at Chamrousse.

  1. Go to 733 Route de la croisette, 38410 Chamrousse

  2. Enter inside the “Vercors II” building

  3. If you arrive during opening hours,

    you can collect your keys at the reception. You can go directly to step 7

  4. If you arrive outside opening hours,

    your keys will be in a key box. Please follow the next steps

  5. Enter the digicode received by email on the keybox of the ski room

  6. Once inside the ski room, enter the digicode received by email on the keybox

  7. Well done ! You can find your accommodation referring to the plan (see. step 2). If you have ordered bed linen or other extras, they will be in the apartment

  8. At your departure, could you leave the keys in the keybox in the ski room? Thanks in advance

We wish you wonderful holidays !