The snow is making its first appearance in our Swiss Alps. Now is the time to prepare your accommodation for a cozy atmosphere and ready for winter. Certainly, the alpine decoration and chalet spirit of your accommodation brings an undeniable charm to your interior. However, it is possible to bring a modern touch while keeping this cocooning and mountain spirit by playing with its codes which favor a predominance of wood, a neutral palette as well as a furnished exterior. The proof in 5 ideas.

1. Wood, animal skins and furs

The animal skin effect, fur or even wood are elements that are frequently found in alpine-style decoration. It is therefore easy to find accessories, and faux fur or cowhide throws at low prices. Sit down, prepare yourself a good tea or a hot chocolate and light a fireplace. Cocooning atmosphere guaranteed.

2. The essential fireplace

The wooden fireplace in a mountain accommodation is a must for chalet decoration. This brings warmth to the room, but also a feeling of cocoon, conviviality and comfort. The soft, natural light of the fire softens the mountain chalet style atmosphere and makes it more pleasant.

3. A neutral pallet

Wood is a key element for a mountain chalet, which gives it a rustic and vintage feel. However, furniture that is also made of wood can make a chalet a bit monotonous. It is therefore important to vary the wood colors of the chalet with more neutral colors such as white or cream, especially on certain walls or floors. This will create the illusion of a larger and more uncluttered space, which is ideal for the relaxing effect of a chalet.

4. A minimalist decor

Your accommodation is generally a second home. it is therefore preferable not to clutter up your space and to keep the decor simple enough. It is also important to opt for a minimalist and intelligent design, such as furniture that can have several uses for example.

5. The landscaping

The outdoor mountain layout is one of the main criteria for guests. Indeed, they often seek a relaxation area, a place to gather in a group around a barbecue, a fire or in a jacuzzi. For smaller budgets, a table and chairs to be able to eat outside in summer is already a good investment that will allow you to beautify your exterior.

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