An iconic ski resort in Europe, the Alpe d’Huez is set in the Grandes Rousses mountain range. Melted into an incredible backdrop, the Pic Blanc, which reaches nearly 3,500 m of altitude, offers an uninterrupted view over a fifth of France. Sunny for 300 days a year, the resort is home to a host of summer and winter attractions. The return of the snow is a fantastic opportunity to ski in an incredible estate. Selected the best ski resort in Europe in 2020, the Alpe d’Huez is a destination to be discovered alone, with family, or with friends, in a comfortable, prestigious setting.

Snow cover: enquire before you put your skis on

For your own safety, ensure that snow cover conditions are favourable before embarking on the Alpe d’Huez ski slopes. To do so, check the following parameters:

  • Date of last snowfall
  • Temperature
  • Visibility
  • Height and quality of snow
  • Skiing area conditions
  • Wind

Please visit the Alpe d’Huez website to find real-time information.

An array of activities for a magnificent summit experience

A natural space for leisure, relaxation, or a retreat, the Alpe d’Huez offers many activities designed for your enjoyment. Whether you are alone or with friends or family, on land or in the sky, you can enjoy the most thrilling experiences!

Paragliding, a journey through the air

Yes! At the Alpe d’Huez, you can also have fun in the sky and indulge in the exciting activity that is paragliding. Enjoy exclusive rides and flights, from 250 m to 2,300 m elevation.

This activity is open to every level and to anyone six years and up. Whether you’re just curious or an avid thrill-seeker, you can set off at the height of your choice: 2,800 m, 2,700 m or 2,100 m. Fly above the snow by 250 m, 600 m, etc.

Paragliding chamrousse alpe dhuez

Driving on ice: hands-on introduction with the EVODRIVER school

No, you’re not dreaming! There are cars at the Alpe d’Huez. Under the supervision of driving professionals, drive safely on ice in an incredible setting. You have 700 m to succeed at manoeuvring a vehicle on an icy track. The good news is that you can even train without a driving license thanks to the security devices in place and the professional assistance of the EVODRIVER instructors.

Ice Laser Game

A completely original idea, Ice Laser Game is a game you play on the snow. Adults and children over 7 years of age are welcome to play. This truly fun activity can be played as a group. Would you like to spend some time together as a family or with friends? Look no further and try this game. Are you ready to experience the thrill? You need to book a reservation to play the Ice Laser Game.

Have no doubt about it – this list of activities is far from exhaustive. There are actually many surprises still to be discovered.

ice laser game chamrousse

Alpe d’Huez Map

Would you really like to make the most of your time at the Alpe d’Huez? Get hold of a map of the slopes, one for walks, and one for cross-country skiing. Download the informational brochures from the Alpe d’Huez website where you will find a detailed program of activities, levels of difficulty, duration, etc.

Which Alpe d’Huez ski package is right for me?

During winter, the Alpe d’Huez is open from 3 December to 23 April 2023. The Huez alpine resort has many packages available based on your needs.

The Alpe d’Huez family package

Starting at €920, this option allows the whole family to ski at the child rate and make the most of a range of thrilling activities. Book online at least 3 days before your first day of skiing to benefit from the promotional rates.

The Alpe d’Huez tribe package

Starting at €816, this package is intended for friends who want to spend time making memories together. If you would like to alternate between professional seminars and intense entertainment, you are in the right place.

AEON Pass, Flexipass 3 estates

Would you like to express yourself freely on three fantastic estates? Get your €15 pass to calmly ski in the Alpe d’Huez, the 2 Alpes and La Grave. This practical package enables you to take advantage of the promotional offers throughout the winter.

Forfait famille alpe dhuez

Chamrousse Alpe: 2 ski areas less than 60 km apart

Are you in Chamrousse and would like to go to the Alpe d’Huez? By car, you can make the 57 km journey in an hour. The main route is the 6-valley route, regional road 1091. As the crow flies, the distance between the Alpe d’Huez and Chamrousse is 15 km.

The Alpe d’Huez is an appealing destination featuring natural assets, attractions, and high-quality accommodation. Offering accommodation adapted to the needs of a diverse clientele, Alpvision invites you to discover its wide selection.