Almost the holidays? Discover how to collect your keys and access the Alpvision agency in Châtel.

  1. Go to 66 route du Linga, 74390 CHATEL, France

  2. If you arrive during the opening hours

    Collect your keys at the reception from 4pm. If you are fully registered (tourist taxes paid and deposit blocked), an envelope with your name will be located in the entrance on the left, with bed linens & towels, ski pass & wifi mini box if ordered.

  3. If you arrive outside the opening hours

    Please call us to let us know. An envelope with your name, keys, and instructions on how to get to the apartment will be prepared and placed in a small box outside the agency.

  4. Enjoy your holidays!

  5. On your departure, please drop off your keys before 10 am in the mailbox in front of the reception door and place your sheets in the blue hatch on the ground in front of the bank next to the agency.

We wish you a wonderful holiday!