The 3 valleys territory in France, the ultimate location in ski areas, is open to you! Do you dream of special moments with family, friends or colleagues in winter? Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover a magical paradise with multiple attractions and breathtaking splendour.   

3 valleys ski area: overview of 3 exceptional areas 

At the 3 valleys, many ski areas are available to you. In terms of activities, there is something for everyone: advanced or beginners. Travel hundreds of miles of carefully laid out and safe terrain in good spirit, alone or in company. 

Courchevel and its 6 villages     

It should be noted that this resort in the heart of the French Alps is surrounded by forests and impressive mountains. Composed of 6 villages, Courchevel is the largest ski area of the 3 valleys. Thus, at a high altitude, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mont Blanc and the peaks of the Vanoise. So, it’s up to you to choose which village you would like to explore at an altitude of over 1’000 m.

Méribel : the resort with 5 districts

Located in the centre of the 3 valleys, Méribel has a lot to offer. Characterised by original buildings and a striking setting, the resort reveals itself to the rhythm of life in its districts. You certainly won’t remain indifferent to the elegance of its 5 districts.

Les Menuires: emphasize the family-friendly atmosphere

Les Menuires is distinguished by its avant-garde architecture. Despite six decades of existence, the trend is towards lavish buildings, creating an exclusive atmosphere in the resort. What’s more, the family accommodations are a testament to the attention paid to them. 

Trail map: routes designed for you 

Are you ready to tackle meters of snow with no worries? In the largest ski space in the world, experience life-size sensations. So, here are 3 legendary trails to ski alone or in a group. 

The Jerusalem: the star circuit of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

What a pleasure it is to tread an easy trail in a wonderful atmosphere! Deserted stone mansions mingle with the spectacle of exploring an area where silence reigns. Children and other beginners will feel in their element.    

The Eclipse: the novelty of Courchevel-Le Praz

Rightly so, this trail takes the challenge to the top. In addition to being very difficult, the Eclipse is the longest path in the 3 valleys territory. As no surprise, this trail has been selected for the 2023 World Ski Championships. Therefore, you need to have the makings of a champion to brave this course.   

The Roc de Fer in Méribel

From the height of 2’294 m, the view is extraordinary! At this altitude, a thrilling descent is assured. Fortunately, this is an easy trail. Thus, you will be able to hurtle down a path reworked for next year’s World Ski Festival.  

3 valleys package: several options to choose from 

In order to satisfy a large and varied clientele, the proposed offers are flexible. They take into account the length of your stay, the number of people, etc. Book your ski packages at the 3 Valleys.

Season packages 

Do you wish to ski during the whole season without too many calculations? One of these options will do the trick:

  • Unlimited
  • Freedom
  • 2/7
  • SkiFlex

Weekly packages and stays

Are you planning a stay of 6 to 21 days? Then you can enjoy it with one of these passes:

  • Family
  • Solo adult
  • Group
  • Solo child
  • Solo senior

Winter hiking packages

Because skiing is not the only way to explore snowy trails, there are two options for hikers:

  • 1 day pass
  • 6 day pass

3 valleys real estate: magnificent residences for your comfort

Spend your time on the trails, we’ll take care of your accommodation. We provide different types of friendly and top-quality residences. For example, our accommodations include:

  • Various household appliances (microwave, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Multimedia accessories (television, Wi-Fi, TNT, etc.)
  • Amenities (balcony, terrace, parking, etc.) 

Enjoy your stay in complete serenity, Alpvision accompanies you!

3 valleys express: notorious ascent to Orelle 

The replacement of the 3 valleys express gondola in Orelle and the creation of a new one connecting Orelle and Cime Caron produce a top result. From now on, skiers will be able to travel from an altitude of 900 m to 2’300 m in 15 minutes. 

In short, the 3 valleys offer you a thousand reasons to visit: picturesque landscapes, unspoilt nature, various attractions, etc. So why not get a head start by discovering our beautiful residences in the world’s biggest ski resort?

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