The holidays are almost here! Find out how to get to Chalet Narnia in Thyon-Les-Collons.

For your convenience, we recommend that you follow the instructions below:

1. Go to “Rue de la Mura 129, 1988 Thyon-Les-Collons”.

Chalet Narnia is located in les Collons 1850 at 15 minutes drive from Alpvision Résidences, the agency where to pick up the keys.

From the agency take the road towards the “Piste de l’Ours”, pass by the ski slope and ski lift and continue to drive up towards Thyon-Les-Collons. When you arrive in Les Collons continue the main road (direction Thyon 2000) and follow “Les Collons 1850.

When you are in les Collons, keep driving through the village, at the end of the village keep driving for 1.3 km until you reach the garage on the left side of the road.

2. Park your car

You can park in the garage, in the center one.

When opening the garage door, make sure that you push to the righ when you’re lifting the door in order to avoid the door to be blocked halfway.

You can also access the Chalet with the shuttle service from Sion Station or with a taxi with “Thyon-Taxi Service” tél : +41 78 713 45 30

3. Enter the Chalet

The chalet is located at 120m by foot from the garage. Follow the red line on the google maps pictures.

The entry of the Chalet Narnia is located on the left side on the Chalet. Please make sure that you do not enter the rest of the Chalet with you ski boots on.

4. Good to know

All orders (sheets, linen, etc.) will be in the chalet when you arrive.


Garbage needs to be placed in special white bags that can be bought in the Collons 1800 supermarket next to the travanta skilift.

Bags can be disposed in the garbage center at the entry of les Collons 1850.

Aluminium, glass and paper can be disposed separately at the same place.

5. Well done!

6. When you leave, you must leave before 10 a.m.

7. We look forward to seeing you again