Almost the holidays? Discover how to enter and find Chalet Les Chanterelles at Les Mayens-de-Sion.

For your convenience, we recommend that you follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Mayens-des-Plans

1. When you arrive at the intersection near the bus stop “Les Plans”, take the dead end road that goes up slightly above the parking lot at the side of the road
2. Continue for about 500m until you reach the covered roadside parking lot.

2. Park your vehicule

You have 2 places reserved under “Chalet les Chanterelles”

If you have other cars, you have a public parking at your disposal.

3. Enter the Chalet

From the parking lot, walk back about 100m to the electric tower.

  1. A sign “Chalet Les Chanterelles” indicates the direction
  2. Go down the stairs
  3. Further down you will find the Chalet Les Chanterelles on your right
  4. Enter the Chalet with the code you received by e-mail

4. Good to know

All orders (sheets, linen, etc.) will be in the chalet when you arrive.

5. Well done!

6. When you leave, you must leave before 10 a.m.

7. We look forward to seeing you again