The holidays are almost here! Find out how to get to Chalet Ecureuil Noir in Vex.

For your convenience, we recommend that you follow the instructions below:

1. Go to “Mayens des Reynards 1981 Vex”.

When you arrive at the three identical chalets on your right (photo below), continue straight on for 150m, until you reach the three garages on your right.

2. After the three garages, take the path indicated by the red sign “Chemin de la Brecca”, go straight on for 100m and you’ll find the chalet, the first on the left.

  1. Park your vehicle.

There are three outdoor parking spaces in front of the chalet, one behind the other.

2. Enter the chalet

With the keys you have received.

3. Good to know

All orders (sheets, linen, etc.) will be in the chalet when you arrive.

4. Well done!

5. When you leave, you must leave before 10 a.m.

6. We look forward to seeing you again