For those looking for a unique holiday experience, the Maurienne Valley is a great option for couples, groups of friends and families. Perfect for skiing in the winter months or hiking during the summer and early autumn, there is something for all.

With Alpvision Residences you have the perfect home base to explore all around the Maurienne Savoie Valley. With comfortable accommodations and top-notch amenities, it’s the ideal choice for both relaxation and adventure. Join us as we explore all the must-see places and must-do activities of this beautiful spot within the French Alps.

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The Majestic Maurienne Valley

The Maurienne Valley is known for its natural beauty, adventure trails, and cultural richness. It stretches from the charming town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to the stunning glaciers of Vanoise National Park.

With over 1, 680 kilometres of slopes and 396 ski lifts found in the valley, there is undoubtedly a lot of skiing and snowboarding that you can do!

Let’s explore this diverse region in southeastern, France.

The Top Ski Resorts in the Maurienne Valley

Les Sybelles is the fourth-largest linked ski area within France, connecting six resorts, including Le Corbier, La Toussuire, Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves, Saint-Jean-d’Arves, Les Bottières, and Saint-Colomban-des-Villards. It’s known to be family-friendly and has a mix of green and blue runs for beginners, as well as red and black runs for more experienced skiers. The area is known for its breathtaking views of the Aiguilles d’Arves and the Belledonne range. This ski resort is at the top of our list if you have a group of diverse levels as each member can pick and choose the hills of their choice. The Valmeinier and Valloire are two ski resorts that are interconnected and offer more diversity for skiers. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers. The Valmeinier ski resort sits at a higher altitude, which can make the more difficult runs even more challenging! The Valloire ski resort, on the other hand, has a more “traditional” alpine village feel and offers a range of slopes for all levels. Together, they have over 160 kilometres of ski runs.

For those interested in a different kind of skiing experience, the valley also has a few trails for cross-country skiing. The Espace Nordique du Grand Coin, between Montaimont and Saint François Longchamp, has over 40 km of trails winding through forests and alpine meadows. A complete winter wonderland!

The Maurienne Valley is not only for skiing; it has other winter activities for all ages and interests, including snowshoeing in the Aussois area, dog sledging and even ice-climbing for the really adventurous. For those looking to relax and unwind, there are many spas, sauna facilities and heated pools available.


Summer Adventures: Hiking and Cycling in the Valley

When the snow melts, the Maurienne Valley transforms from a winter playground for skiers and snowboarders to a tranquil valley full of greenery, farm animals and other wildlife.

An easy and family-friendly trail option that we suggest is the Lac de la Grande Léchère. It begins at the quaint village of Montaimont and leads you to Lac de la Grande Léchère. It’s an ideal option for families, especially those with younger children, offering breathtaking views without requiring much effort. The path is clearly marked and easy to navigate, and is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors and have a picnic! Another great option for hikers of all skill levels is Le Chemin du Petit Bonheur. This easy trail links several villages along the valley. It is a great way to discover other towns and learn about the history and architecture of the region. As you wander, you’ll find information boards and panels explaining the natural and historical significance of the area. For those who love a mix of hiking and history, we recommend the Forts Trail in Aussois. It’s an interesting hike that takes you through military forts from the 19th century. Another great option for moderate levels is the Col de la Madeleine, made famous as one of the Tour de France‘s legendary climbs. Hikers can also enjoy this route, climbing towards gorgeous views of the Mont Blanc Massif and the stunning alpine scenery that surrounds it.

On the more challenging side, the Tour of the Glaciers of La Vanoise is a spectacular option. This trek takes you right into the heart of the Vanoise National Park for a multi-day journey past glaciers. This is a demanding hike that needs lots of planning ahead of time, so your best bet is to sign up with an organised tour group to ease you through this adventure.


Cultural Heritage: Exploring the History and Villages of Maurienne

You wouldn’t expect a region famous for skiing like the Maurienne Valley to be so rich in culture and history, but this area has so much to offer for those who enjoy learning about the past. One of the must-see monuments in Maurienne is the Cathedral of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, which is open every day and has free entry into the cathedral. You can also get a guided tour if you like, but we suggest calling ahead to reserve your spot. Not far from the cathedral is the Opinel Museum, it is located in the same town known for the Opinel knife, a well-known tool for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For those who enjoy sipping on culture, the Maurienne Valley’s vineyards and wineries are a must-visit. There are available tours that are not just about tasting local wines but also about understanding the winemaking traditions of the region.

Culinary Delights: Savouring the Flavours of the Valley

In the Maurienne Savoie Valley, local specialities include diots (Savoyard sausages), crozets (small square-shaped pasta), and the famous Beaufort cheese. If you are looking for traditional restaurants in the area, try Grill du Savoy or L’encas. They both have a homey atmosphere and include alpine favourites like fondue on their menu. 


Planning Your Visit: Tips and Recommendations for Maurienne Valley

For those planning a trip to the Maurienne Valley, we suggest visiting outside of the peak season to enjoy the area with fewer crowds. Remember to always check the weather and trail conditions before going on any hikes or trips to the mountains. Although the Maurienne Valley landslide areas are well-managed, it is always smart to double-check conditions and stay informed.

Experience the Wonders of Maurienne Valley

From the ski slopes to the hiking trails, the history and the delicious cuisine, the Maurienne Valley is a great destination to escape the busyness of a city and relax in nature.

Alpvision Residences is proud to offer cosy and accommodating rentals in the Maurienne Savoie Valley. Book your stay with us and experience the wonders of the Maurienne Valley – your adventure begins here.