This alpine destination is not just a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, but also a haven for those with a passion for delightful cuisine. In Val Cenis, the dining experience is an essential part of the adventure, where local culinary traditions blend seamlessly with international influences to create a gastronomic landscape that truly captivates the senses.

As you explore the charming villages of Val Cenis, you’ll discover a diverse array of dining establishments, from cosy mountain huts to elegant restaurants, each with its unique character and menu. Savour traditional alpine dishes that warm your soul, such as hearty cheese fondue, Raclette, or tartiflette, made with the finest locally sourced ingredients. Yet, Val Cenis also surprises with contemporary interpretations of alpine classics and international flavours, ensuring there’s something to delight every palate.

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Estanco Val Cenis

The culinary journey at L’Estanco celebrates the region’s finest flavours, emphasising “homemade” goodness with an array of local products and mountain specialties. The rustic ambiance provides a comforting escape from the mundane, making each visit a memorable experience. Whether you’re seeking à la carte options or chef’s specialties, L’Estanco ensures that every dish reflects their commitment to culinary excellence.

This restaurant is a haven for those who cherish life’s pleasures, from meaningful connections to delightful discoveries. L’Estanco Val Cenis stands apart for its dedication to providing memorable moments against a picturesque mountain backdrop. Consider sharing this unique experience with loved ones, making use of their gift cards for special occasions. In summary, L’Estanco Val Cenis promises an unforgettable culinary adventure that blends the region’s rich flavours with a warm, rustic ambiance, creating a unique dining experience in the heart of the mountains.

If you’re seeking an exquisite dining experience in Lanslebourg Mont Cenis, look no further than Le Napoléon. This restaurant has earned its reputation as the #1 restaurant in the area, with 357 reviews attesting to its culinary excellence. Offering French cuisine, with a focus on vegetarian options, Le Napoléon sits at Quartier Napoléon, right at the intersection of Rue du Cugniet and Rue Des Jardins in Val-Cenis, France.

Le Napoléon’s Travellers’ Choice award for 2023 showcases the appreciation it has garnered from satisfied customers. With a price range of €14 to €28, this restaurant is known for its delectable food, impeccable service, great value for money, and an inviting atmosphere. Visitors highlight the generous portions, well-cooked dishes, and the friendly staff, with one reviewer complimenting the excellent pizza and goat cheese salad. It’s the perfect place to savour authentic French cuisine in the heart of the Savoie region. So, if you find yourself in Lanslebourg Mont Cenis, make sure to explore the culinary delights at Le Napoléon.

Located in Lanslebourg, Savoie, at 1450 metres above sea level, “la Vieille Poste” is a charming hotel-restaurant near the prestigious Col du Mont-Cenis. It caters to outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, cyclists, and skiers. In winter, it’s perfectly situated for quick access to the Val Cenis Vanoise ski lifts. The restaurant offers both gourmet and regional dishes, featuring classic Savoyard favourites such as Fondue, Raclette, and Tartiflette, alongside house specialties like frog leg dishes and escargots. It’s an Alpine culinary retreat that welcomes visitors to relish the best of the region year-round.

At 2,100m in Val Cenis – Lanslevillard, Chalet La Féma has been an Alpine retreat for mountain lovers for over 40 years. A family-run establishment, it welcomes you with homemade cuisine, local delicacies, and a friendly team, making it the perfect stop for those enjoying outdoor activities. Whether you’re skiing, cycling, hiking, or just taking in the mountain air, this chalet offers a warm atmosphere. For updates and daily specials, check their website and social media.

C2 Val Cenis

Nestled at the base of the ski slopes with a breathtaking mountain vista, Le C2 is the newfound haven for nature lovers in Val Cenis. This restaurant welcomes you with a relaxed, serene ambiance, perfect for indulging in a delicious meal or sipping on a delightful cocktail. What sets Le C2 apart is its unwavering commitment to crafting homemade cuisine using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Accessible by car, bike, or motorcycle, thanks to its proximity to the road leading to Mont Cenis Pass and Col de l’Iseran, Le C2 provides a convenient and scenic location. Whether you’re looking for a mid-day escape or an evening rendezvous, Le C2 is the place to be for a nature-inspired dining experience in Val Cenis.

Come to Val Cenis

After discovering a tempting array of restaurants in the Val Cenis area, from La Vieille Poste’s regional delights to Le Napoleon’s charming French cuisine and Chalet La Féma’s mountain-inspired dishes, you’re in for a culinary journey that complements your alpine adventures. Whichever you choose, these restaurants offer the perfect respite, whether it’s a hearty mountain meal or a gourmet culinary experience, adding the perfect touch to your stay in this beautiful alpine region. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in these local culinary treasures during your visit to Val Cenis.