Found in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Veysonnaz is a picturesque village that offers more than just stunning landscapes and thrilling ski slopes. This charming destination is also heaven on earth for any food enthusiast! The wide variety of restaurants in Veysonnaz, ranging from traditional Swiss cuisine to elevated fusion restaurants, serving locally loved dishes are a must when visiting this Alpine paradise!

If you are planning a trip to the area, you must try some of these delicious eateries and stay in one of the many nearby accommodations of Alpvision Residences. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic getaway or a larger group or family, there is nothing better than a full belly and a cosy and comfortable place to snuggle up afterwards!

Let’s explore the Swiss gastronomic scene of Veysonnaz.

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An Overview of Veysonnaz

With snow guaranteed from December to April, Veysonnaz is part of the 4 Valleys ski area, located in the Rhone Valley in Switzerland’s Valais region. It is an ideal location for winter sports lovers with slopes ranging in difficulty level from beginners to more advanced for skiers and snowboarders.

Summer is another ideal time to visit, especially for nature lovers and families. There is a 300 km walking path surrounding Veysonnaz, which is perfect for strolling and taking in the scenery, while more difficult hiking trails can be found on some of the mountains for more experienced hikers and climbers.

Our suggestion, no matter the season, is to always EAT WELL wherever you are! What is more perfect than after a long day outdoors settling around a table and enjoying the best food and drinks Veysonnaz has to offer?

Local Food of Veysonnaz

Swiss traditions are deeply rooted in the cuisine of Veysonnaz. Some of our most recommended and favourite dishes are hearty meals perfect for the cold winter months. Some suggestions that you cannot afford to miss out on are raclette, a two-tier grill, the top flattop grill for cooking meats and vegetables, and the bottom part which is used for melting cheese. This meal is usually eaten with potatoes, bread, and pickles. Another popular Swiss meal from the region is fondue. The best meal to be shared with friends, a communal pot of melted cheese is used for dipping bread; potatoes, vegetables and sometimes cured meats. Finally, one of our most loved dishes is rösti. It’s a crispy, grated potato dish and can be topped with sour cream, chives and sometimes smoked salmon.

As you can see from some of the most typical meals of the region, Ingredients like cheese, potatoes, and dried meats are staples in Alpine cuisine.

Now, let’s explore some of the best Veysonnaz restaurants!


Swiss Fondue

Must-Try Restaurants in Veysonnaz

In no particular order, here are some of the best places to enjoy a meal in Veysonnaz


This is a family-run restaurant that can be found halfway down the Mayens ski slope, offering stunning mountain views. It is a cosy and casual stop to warm up and fill up your belly while spending the day out on the hills. It is famous for its raclette, serving locally sourced cheeses from the area. It is also easily accessible in the summer months and near hiking trails.


La Terrasse 

A unique restaurant, La Terrasse is split into two dining areas, each offering a separate menu. One side is the brasserie, with an open wood fire for cooking and the other a more formal dining room. The chef uses local ingredients and cooks dishes that reflect the season’s best produce. Located between the town and the resort, the panoramic views of the hills are breathtaking! 


La Tanière 

Offering an Italian flair to dining in Veysonnaz, La Tanière is considered a café restaurant that offers pizzas and a wide variety of wine options. The restaurant is located in the middle of Rue de Pra, with many other shops and bars around. Enjoy an evening stroll along the street before popping in for a bite to eat, surrounded by the enchanting Bernese Alps.


Chalet Royal 

One of the higher-end restaurants in Veyzonnaz on our list, the Chalet Royal is open to the public by reservation only, providing solely dinner. Here you can enjoy dining in the formal dining room or on the terrace that offers panoramic views of the mountain ranges. Their menu mixes some traditional Swiss ingredients with an Italian flair, offering pasta and risotto as some of their most sought-after dishes. There are also plenty of meat and fish dishes available.



This is a more casual and cosy place to eat. Near to the ski lifts, it is ideal for those who need to refuel before continuing their day of skiing. The menu has many different dishes to choose from, ranging from hamburgers to roasted lamb, salads and fondue. With so many available options, this is an ideal stop for groups who are willing to pick and share!


Les Chottes 

A truly rustic and traditional dining experience, Les Chottes (which translates to Cow Shed in the local dialect), is located on the mountain and can be reached by skis in the winter. In the summer months, cattle can be found grazing the surrounding pastures. If you fancy a soak, you can even enjoy a drink in the jacuzzi (reservation recommended).


Enjoy the Food and the Restaurants in Veysonnaz with Us

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With plenty of prime locations, near some of the best restaurants the area has to offer, you are never too far away from enjoying the local cuisine. No matter the season, just pack your bags and come explore all that Veysonnaz has to offer!