Residence access

VEYSONNAZ – How to access the agency?

It is almost holidays? Discover how to collect your keys and find the agency at the agency at Veysonnaz.

  1. Go to Route de Pra 2, 1993 Veysonnaz

  2. If you arrive during opening hours

    you can collect your keys at the reception or an envelope in your name will be in the entrance on the right if you are fully registered (tourist taxes paid and deposit blocked)

  3. If you arrive outside opening hours

    An envelope with your name will be in the wooden display case to the right in front of the reception door

  4. Find out your accommodation thanks to the ski resort map

  5. Well done!

  6. At your departure, drop your keys before 10 am in the letterbox in front of the reception door and put your bedsheets in the trap door on the ground in front of the bank next to our office.

    or come and say hello at the reception

We wish you wonderful holidays !