Nendaz is a charming mountain resort in the canton of Valais, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. This picturesque location is renowned for its stunning mountains and winter sports to be enjoyed within the famous 4 Vallées ski area.

All year round, Nendaz offers multiple outdoor activities to make the most of its breathtaking natural landscape. No matter the season, Nendaz’s mountainous weather has lots of surprises in store, so read on to find out all about them.


Weather in Nendaz and Winter Sports

Nendaz is the perfect destination for winter sport enthusiasts. With easy access to the vast 4 Vallées ski area, this mountain resort offers an exceptional location for skiers of all levels.

From perfectly signposted slopes for beginners to challenging descents for experts, there’s something for everyone. Thanks to the live weather reports in Nendaz, you will get reliable updates about snow conditions, slopes that are open to the public, as well as the resort’s available ski lifts on a daily basis. A great way to make lasting memories out on the slopes.

The seasons in Nendaz and activities on offer

The weather conditions in Nendaz (Valais) lend themselves to different activities depending on the season.

Nendaz in winter: snow and winter sports


L’hiver à Nendaz, entre décembre et février, est caractérisé par des chutes de neige régulières. En février, l’enneigement à Nendaz est le plus abondant avec une moyenne de 50 cm. Sous la neige, le paysage de Nendaz connaît des températures froides, bien souvent autour de -5 °C.

Winter in Nendaz, between December and February, is marked by regular snowfall. In Nendaz, the most snow falls in February, with an average of 50 cm. When it snows, Nendaz experiences low temperatures, very often around -5°C.

The winter months are dominated by snow and winter sports. The surrounding ski areas offer several kilometres of slopes, a true paradise for winter sport enthusiasts. Keep up with the weather and snow forecasts in Nendaz to know which days are best for your activities: alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, etc.

Nendaz in spring: the first flowers start to bloom


Le printemps à Nendaz, entre mars et mai, est une saison de transition où les chutes de neige se transforment en pluie. Les températures commencent à augmenter de 5 °C à 15 °C, avec des journées plus longues.

Spring in Nendaz, between the months of March and May, is a transitional season when snowfall turns into rain. Temperatures begin to rise from 5°C to 15°C, and the days become longer.

In spring, snowfall starts to decrease, giving way to rain that encourages the growth of lush vegetation. Enjoy a hike through the countryside to see the first alpine blossoms that attract bees and butterflies. Embark on a journey to witness the snow and glaciers melting, a fascinating transformation that will blow you away as the landscape changes before your eyes.

Nendaz in summer: swimming and serenity


The fresh summer weather, from June to August, is defined by average temperatures that range between 8°C and 20°C, with gorgeous sunshine every day. High up in the mountains, thanks to the lower number of visitors, this season allows you to enjoy the resort’s majestic landscapes in a peaceful atmosphere.

The climate and weather forecasts in Haute-Nendaz show that June is the rainiest month of the year. This being said, however, summer is still the best season for hiking, since the signposted trails are dry and easier to follow. Summer in Nendaz is a great opportunity to take a dip in the mountain lakes with their turquoise waters. Similarly, there are also exciting options for mountain bikers and rock climbers.

Nendaz in autumn: the shifting colours of the woods


In autumn, between September and November, the region is filled with spectacular bursts of colour. Temperatures gradually fall, going from 10°C to 5°C. Days are still very pleasant, despite a slight increase in rainfall.

Come and make the most of autumn with a stroll through the woods where a palette of shimmering tones paints the natural landscape. It’s the perfect time for hikers and those who love being outside, since the trails are still accessible. The local orchards brimming with fruit are ready to be harvested, and the area is populated with markets. Treat yourself to a local product tasting experience that will delight your palate.

Weather forecasts in Nendaz: how to prepare

To get the most out of your experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps, here are some practical tips to help you prepare for your stay in Nendaz.

Check the local weather forecast to plan your activities accordingly. There are lots of platforms where you can find information about the weather in Nendaz, which will even give you extra details about the ski resort (ski lift and slope opening times).

Make sure to pack clothes that suit the weather conditions during your stay. In winter, wrap up warm in multiple layers to shield yourself from the cold. In summer, pack light clothes for all your outdoor activities.

Come and enjoy Nendaz and its mountain temperatures all year round

The weather in Nendaz guarantees an unforgettable experience no matter the season. From its magical winters where the snow-covered ski slopes call your name, to its enchanting summers where the green mountains are waiting to be explored. Get ready to discover Nendaz in all its splendour. Book your stay now and dive into an experience filled with authenticity in the Swiss Alps.