A key destination in the Val d’Anniviers, Moiry Lake offers many spectacular alpine routes through the Valais. The walk around the lake is approximately 7 km long and is an unmissable experience in Moiry. Come and discover this unique dam, famous for its intense turquoise-blue waters and the beauty of its surrounding mountains.

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The charms of Moiry Lake

Lacy de Moiry is an alpine reservoir located above the charming little Swiss village of Grimentz. The lake is perched on a rocky alpine ledge at an altitude of 2350 metres, offering impressive views of the surrounding mountains.

Often described as an emerald lake because of the colour of its waters, Moiry Lake is framed by the mountain peaks of Garde de Bordon, Corne de Sorebois and Sasseneire. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the majestic Glacier de Moiry towers over the lake from the Pointe de Mourti.

There are many ways of enjoying these natural wonders, through hikes, excursions or even themed visits, making it a popular destination for nature loves and adventurers.

Outdoor activities at Moiry Lake

The Moiry dam offers a multitude of outdoor activities, so you can take in its unique panorama from various angles. One of its unmissable excursions is a hike around Moiry Lake, which takes around 2 and a half hours and can be done in two different ways: following the route to the east of the lake or the trail to the west.

The region offers a variety of hiking routes, particularly from Zinal. From the Corne de Sorebois, you can make your way to Moiry Lake by following the steep mountain paths. If you’re looking for a shorter walk, while higher in altitude, set off from the dam towards the heights of the lake. A visit to the nearby alpine gardens will also give you a chance to appreciate the alpine flora typical to the region.

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The Moiry dam restaurant invites visitors to sample various traditional Valai dishes, such as a charcuterie platter or the Annivier salad, all in an idyllic setting overlooking the emerald lake.

You will also find various other outdoor adventures, such as via ferrata, offering an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Visitors can climb a suspended net or take a zip-line ride, while enjoying breathtaking views over Moiry Lake.

The history of Moiry Lake and its geological walks

The arch dam, which stands 148 metres tall, was built with the main aim of generating hydroelectric power by holding back the waters of the River Gougra. Completed in 1958, this construction also contributed to the development of the Val d’Anniviers region, by improving access routes from Sierre.

The construction of the Moiry dam is an example of how the region’s natural resources can be used to support local economic development, providing a renewable source of energy and improving access to areas that were previously isolated.

Moiry Lake is a perfect place for discovering the different stages of geological history in the Alps. The geological trail “Moiry: from Europe to Africa”, marked out by small green squares, is a real journey through time. Come and discover the history of the land, the ancient ocean of Téthys and the old African continent by exploring the main groups of rocks.

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Sites of interest around Moiry

Just a stone’s throw from Moiry Lake you’ll find Lac des Autannes. By taking a short and accessible hike from the Moiry mountain pasture, you will have the chance to admire a breathtaking panoramic view of both lakes at the same time.

Cabane de Moiry is the most popular mountain lodge among visitors due to its perfect location looking out over the lake and the Valais mountains. Hikers can enjoy the local cuisine in Moiry, with a range of vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes.

Explore the ski resort at Zinal, a picturesque village characterised by its typical wooden mountain chalets. Also the centre of the prestigious Sierre-Zinal “Cinq 4000” race, Zinal welcomes all the world’s best trail runners, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s most demanding sporting experiences.

Just an hour away from Moiry, the underground lake of Saint-Léonard is an unmissable adventure. You can take a boat trip right into the heart of a secret grotto, where you’ll find rainbow trout flourishing in sparkling blue crystal-clear waters.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this alpine lake!

Moiry Lake, with its turquoise waters and impressive dam, offers a tranquil getaway far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take the time to walk along this jewel of human innovation and enjoy the panoramic views. Plan your visit to Moiry Lake today and discover it for yourself!