With one of the peak seasons of the year just around the corner, snow sports enthusiasts better start preparing for some thrills. In fact, winter marks the return of a key attraction: skiing. Haven’t decided on your next destination yet? Look no further: the Termignon Val Cenis ski resort offers a natural backdrop of breathtaking beauty. Whether you’re a beginner up for a new experience, or a seasoned skier with an undeniable passion for snow-capped peaks, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Good planning is key to making the most of your holiday. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you atop the snowy slopes of Val Cenis.

The Termignon Val Cenis ski resort: not your usual skiing destination

The celebrated Val Cenis ski resort lies in the Haute Maurienne of Vanoise, in the Savoie district. It was established in 1967 on the lands of two former French municipalities: Lanslevillard and Lanslebourg. The Termignon ski resort was linked to that of Val Cenis via the La Turra chairlift in 2008. This development milestone led to ski aficionados being able to enjoy almost 150km of slopes.

A true tourism gem, the Termignon Val Cenis ski resort offers an Alpine skiing area as well as a Nordic skiing area: that of Val d’Ambin and that of the Monolithe.

The famous resort stands apart in that it encompasses significant cultural heritage within France: an archaeology museum and Chappe’s telegraph, among other sites. The Termignon Val Cenis ski resort also houses magnificent natural sites such as Bellecombe located in the center of the Vanoise National Park.

Some sites to discover at the Termignon Val Cenis ski resort

A reminder that for the Winter 2022 – 2023 period, the skiing area is open from 11 December 2022 to 21 April 2023.

It would take more than a lifetime to discover everything the spectacular Termignon Val Cenis ski resort has to offer, no words could fully describe it. However, we would like to recommend some exceptional sites to you:

  • Mont-Cenis. Nestled near to the Italian Piedmont, this mountain peak and lake are unique tourist attractions. You can reach the mountain via the La Ramasse chairlift from the Val Cenis mountain area, on the Lanslebourg side.
  • The Vanoise National Park. Towering in its vastness, the oldest French National Park stands apart with its multitude of peaks rising above 3km in height, and several mountain huts. This special destination holds a number of hidden gems for you to discover.
  • The Monolithe. Rising in the middle of the forest, this giant needle is a true ecological marvel. What’s more, climbing the rock a few hundred meters high has become a challenge for many seasoned climbers.

Ski rental at the Termignon Val Cenis ski resort: many professionals at your service

Looking to tackle the ski slopes? Then you’ll need to get prepared.

Find some skiing specialists to guide you with your ski rental needs at Termignon Val Cenis. Opt for high-quality equipment supplied by major brands such as Intersport, Sport 2000, etc.

You also have the option to store your ski equipment at specific points designed for this purpose.

Prefer to rather buy new ski equipment? A number of ski shops offer you this option. You can also find ski professionals on site to help you in selecting the best accessories.

Ski lessons in Termignon Val Cenis

With a view to offering you full service, a number of schools offer ski lessons at Val Cenis. Learn to hurtle down the snowy slopes guided by independent, qualified ski instructors. You can choose your preferred snow sport out in nature:

ski val cenis termignon
  • downhill skiing
  • cross-country skiing
  • snowboarding

This provides a unique opportunity to introduce your little ones to skiing, with total peace of mind. In order to offer learners instruction of a high standard, four different ski schools offer ski lessons on the snowy peaks of the Val Cenis skiing area.   

Ski pass in Termignon Val Cenis: multiple options to suit all skiers

Termignon Val Cenis has a specific ski pass for each category: child, adult and senior. For example, we offer: 

  • Ski passes for specific day periods. In the mornings and in the afternoons, the price is 30 euros for children, 37 euros for adults and 34 euros for seniors.
  • Day passes. The daily price is 29 euros for children, 34 euros for adults and 31 euros for seniors. Take note that a discount applies to ski passes of 5 days or more.
  • There are several other types of ski passes to discover at the Val Cenis ski resort.
ski slopes val cenis

Taking into account all the special offers at Termignon Val Cenis, you’re clearly spoilt for choice.  Make the most of your Alpine trip to take a break alone, as a family, among friends, etc. Book some magnificent accommodations in Val Cenis today.