Are you thirsty for discovery, in need of a getaway or want to relax in nature?  Then what could be better than a well-preserved natural environment to help you recharge your batteries?  Vanoise National Park, the first French national park welcomes you in the immensity of its exquisite natural space. Seize the opportunity to become part of a fascinating ecosystem. Which would you prefer, adventuring alone or in a group? This, the oldest park in France, has many surprises in store and will exceed your expectations, no matter where you are from. With its unique fauna and flora thriving against the background of an awe-inspiring landscape, you won’t be disappointed whether you visit in summer or winter.

Vanoise National Park: a national heritage gem created with the future of the planet in mind.

Located in the department of Savoie, Vanoise National Park is nestled between the high valley ridges of the regions of Maurienne and Tarentaise.

Vanoise National Park was created in 1963, partly in response to the looming threat of extinction of the ibex in its natural habitat in the Vanoise massif. A number of French associations and hunters, inspired by the foundation of the Parco nazionale Gran paradiso in Italy, started a movement for creation of something similar in France in 1936.

Since 1972, the geographical area that resulted from the association of these two large national parks constituted a protected area covering a surface of 1 250 m. In 2006, the area was recognised as a major French national park under new legislation.

The staff at Vanoise National Park continue to work tirelessly today for the protection of the Park’s natural ecosystem and its cultural heritage.

Did you know that the Park contains approximately 100 mountains that reach an altitude of more than 3,000 meters? The presence of several glaciers also contributes to the unique charm of this preserved area.

Vanoise National Park

And what to say about the biodiversity that includes animals such as the golden eagle, the bearded vulture, etc., or the 1,200 identified plant species?

Hiking in Vanoise National Park: hiking off the beaten track 

The Vanoise Park covers a large surface area of 535 km2, which offers visitors a variety of hiking options over approximately 400 km of marked trails. A giant hiking course to keep you in shape while in contact with unspoiled, abundant nature. Other facts worthy of note include the elevation of the highest peak at 3 855 m, while the lowest peak stands at 1 280 m.

The support provided by an efficient security unit available at the park allows you to stroll carefree along the forest paths in search of unique experiences and vistas that can only be experienced in person.

So, how about going for a hike? Don’t forget to bring your map of the Vanoise Park. Here are some ideas to help you discover new horizons.

Hiking in Vanoise National Park
  • Local route itineraries that can be done in a few days in the Vanoise area and possible combinations of routes around the massif.
  • Short hikes with your children. What you can expect: immersion in an impressive melting pot of animal species inhabiting a breathtaking landscape
  • Stopover in a lodge with your children, to further enhance your mountain experience
  • Long hikes over several days for meditation, contemplation, retreat, physical exercise, etc. Here again, you can enjoy your activities feeling reassured that there will always be a lodge available and ready to welcome you.

Note that most of the routes are open from June 1st to October 30th. However, as a precautionary measure at the Park, always inquire before setting out toward the mountains.

What about camping in Vanoise National Park?

It is important to remember the emphasis on environmental preservation at Vanoise National Park. Let the following code of conduct be a guide. For example:

  • Do not pick any plant and do not collect any minerals, etc.
  • Avoid making noise and in that way contribute to the calm atmosphere of the Park.
  • Maintain an eco-friendly attitude by not littering, lighting fires at the campsite in Vanoise Park.

That said, there are several activities of interest in the National Park.

Preservation at Vanoise National Park

What to do in Vanoise National Park?

Of course, hiking is not the only activity in the Park. Designed to satisfy a wide range of interests, you will find an outstanding range of attractions in the Park.

Enjoy nature by indulging in a myriad of outdoor activities throughout the year. For example, you will have the opportunity to try:

  • rock climbing
  • horseback riding
  • themed walks
  • tennis
  • cross-country skiing
  • downhill skiing…

Moreover, the park offers the opportunity to participate in exhibitions, festivals, various games etc., and training courses, and to visit museums, exhibition centers of local handicrafts, etc.

In short, the Vanoise National Park is the tourist destination of choice to recharge your batteries, alone or accompanied. So, you would like to stay near the national park? Discover the pleasure of staying in our amazing accommodations near the Vanoise National Park.