Do you want to get away this winter? The 4 Vallées is a beautiful, unspoilt natural area, and a fantastic destination to recharge your batteries. Whether you’re trying out a new hobby, an explorer, a thrill seeker or a professional, Switzerland’s largest ski area is ready for you. Come and be enchanted by the pristine and spectacular surroundings, incredible sights, and an amazing choice of attractions which provide an exhilarating mountain experience.

The 4 Vallées: Switzerland’s largest ski area

The 4 valleys, the largest ski area in Switzerland

Spread over 400 km, this Swiss ski area is the 3rd largest in Europe. Most of the area reaches altitudes between 1,700 m and 3,300 m, and the slopes generally have good snow coverage. This vast ski area links 6 resorts situated on the southern side of the Rhône valley.

The ski area includes:

  • 120 km of blue runs
  • 200 km of red runs
  • 30 km of black and yellow runs

Located in the middle of the ski area and surrounded by glaciers, Mont Fort reaches an altitude of 3,330 m. It provides a wonderful view of Mont-Blanc and the Matterhorn.

The 4 Vallées area includes several well-known resorts, each with a unique charm and numerous attractions.

Thyon les 4 Vallées, located at an altitude of 1,800 m

Thyon les 4 vallées

Welcome to Thyon, the eastern gateway to Switzerland’s largest ski area. Highly recommended for families, the village boasts a wide range of accommodation and a variety of activities that are suitable for children.

Ski enthusiasts who want to learn how to ski can take advantage of the training slopes, with one section limited to a speed of 30 km/h. For example, the Petit Vallon ski lift has a free mini magic carpet for beginners. Additionally, the Bambino and Piccolo ski lifts are perfect for learning how to snowboard and ski.

Best passes for the resort Thyon Les 4 Vallées

Why not seize the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable experiences during summer and winter? Thyon les 4 Vallées has launched 3 new annual passes:

  • Mont4card is for young people and children. This pass provides access to the entre 4 Vallées area for those born between 2008 and 2015, and between 1998 and 2007.
  • 4 Vallées annual pass for adults. Applicable to the entire area, this option is available for those born between 1946 and 1997.
  • Printse area. Intended for adults, this pass provides access to the entire 4 Vallées area.

Please note, each option covers the winter 2022/2023 – summer 2023 period.

Veysonnaz – 4 Vallées: a date with the sun

Veysonnaz les 4 vallées

Veysonnaz is a small village in a prime location, which basks in the sunshine 300 days of the year. With a wonderful view across the Rhône valley, the village is characterised by its friendly people and traditional chalets.

What is there to do in Veysonnaz – 4 Vallées during winter?

In winter, Veysonnaz les 4 Vallées offers a range of activities to be safely enjoyed on the various snowy paths.

  • Hiking routes. Do you want to experience the snow in a different way? You are in for a treat with winter hiking. Grab your equipment and set out to discover the pristine, breath-taking landscapes.
  • Snowshoe walks. Put on your snowshoes and follow one of the 6 snowy routes at your own pace and in good spirits.
  • Cross-country skiing. This increasingly popular sport has many benefits. Two cross-country trails can be found near the resort’s ski slopes so that you can enjoy them safely.

There are just as many options in summer. Mountain biking, treasure hunts and Disc Golf, among others, are available for thrilling experiences in the fresh air.

Nendaz – 4 Vallées

Nendaz les 4 vallées

In the heart of Valais, Nendaz sits on a plateau above the Rhône valley. The site offers a stunning panoramic view of the Alps.

The resort’s ski area ranges between altitudes of 1,400 m and 3,300 m, but most of the runs are above 1,700 m.

Do you want to explore the heart of the 4 Vallées? The village of Nendaz has many qualities that will captivate you.

4 Vallées ski area

Do you dream about exciting adventures? There are many activities to choose from:

  • Freeride
  • The Mont Fort Zipline
  • Tobogganing in Torin
  • Ski lessons

An exciting programme awaits to help you make the most of the winter break.

  • Spinning, for indoor cycling.
  • Junior bakers, to introduce children to baking
  • Fit body, for cardio and full-body muscle strengthening
  • Snowshoe and fondue evening, by lantern light
  • Curling for adults
  • Pilates

Alternatives to a hotel in the 4 Vallées

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