Combine work, travel and nature

For a year now, we have all lived through particular changes and a way of life that makes homeworking general. Why not make it an opportunity to work elsewhere than at home? In particular, we offer free high-speed wifi so that you can combine travel, work and mountain air. For more info it’s by here !

Alpvision Residence therefore offers all types of accommodation in our destinations in France and Switzerland, where it is possible to have fun and have access to activities in the great outdoors, while increasing your productivity and desire to work.

Improve your productivity

The mountain air has a positive effect on our well-being and therefore on our productivity. It is not a legend, the mountain acts very favorably on our body. The mountain is good. Homeworking in a natural environment allows you to recharge your batteries and find positive energies in order to deliver better results, while being more serene. It is this feeling of space, authenticity and well-being that makes us want to escape the stress of city life. In addition to that, you know that at the end of your day, you will be able to enjoy some recreational moments, what could be more motivating?

Take outdoor breaks

Whether you are a fan of skiing, a fan of trail running or admiring the hiking trails, homeworking breaks allow you to stock up on resources! Enjoy lunch in the sun, on your terrace or in your garden, and why not prepare a barbecue with friends? Many possibilities are available to you and allow you to make a real break with everyday life.

Stay in a magnificent setting

Whether in summer or winter, the Alpine landscapes are exceptional. Alpvision Residence accommodations are often exterior so you can relax or even work with a breathtaking view. Imagine having your coffee in the morning in front of a snow-capped mountain or in front of pine trees and their reassuring smell. Take advantage of reduced prices compared to the ordinary and use this great opportunity to indulge yourself and change your habits.